valby phototour 3 of 4

December 3, 2007

Tour #3 focuses on central Valby, which is surrounded almost entirely by large transportation infrastructure, and is almost an ‘island’ separated from the surrounding areas. There is also quite a bit of diversity in the built environment within this central area – from neighborhoods of pretty pastel houses to industrial campuses to the usual brick apartment blocks. There was some new construction of apartment houses occurring in what was previously unoccupied land, signaling an increase in residential density in the area. valby3.jpg


44. ‘Karrébebygelse ved Toftegårds Plads’ – housing blocks on Toftegårds Square. These looked like the typical brick walk-ups that I see everywhere around Copenhagen.


45. Another photo of the Toftegårds Plads area – similar brick housing blocks. There was some construction happening, probably street or other infrastructural improvements.

46. The edge of ‘Lyset og Valby Vænge’ – a very quaint neighborhood of similarly-designed, pastel-hued homes.


47. The similar characteristics of the homes make for some lovely streetscape perspectives. / 48. It’s a really nice residential area, with small yards and public paths connecting the streets and homes with one another.


49. The adjacent ‘Etageboliger ved Carl Langes Vej,’ or apartment houses on Carl Langes Street. These are similar in style and color to their single-family neighbors – a multifamily version of the same house, almost. They are in really great condition – they look almost as if they’ve been freshly painted and maybe otherwise renovated.


50. And it appears that some of them are being worked on – this one was having its roof replaced/repaired.


51. This is a very small quarter called ‘Arbejderboliger for Valby Gaswærk,’ or workhouses for the Valby Gasworks. They are only three apartment houses arranged in a triangular shape, but they seem to be very high-quality buildings. Not sure how many workers lived/live in each apartment house, but it looks like the gasworks did a nice job of housing its employees.


52. The triangular arrangement of the buildings makes a lovely public space in the middle of the block. / 53. There are benches and picnic tables – it’s like a nice little park.


54. A neighboring housing development called ‘Storgården’ (large garden?)…I think that the name makes reference to the large, shared interior courtyards of the housing blocks, but I could be wrong. These looks like a more modern version of the brick walk-ups we saw earlier, a little more suburban in character.


55. The courtyards are exceptionally large, and it seems that they serve a variety of shared functions for the building residents: parking area, playground, bike storage, and park.


56. An area called simply ‘F. L. Smidth,’ which I am assuming refers to a company of some sort. The area as a whole seems to be some kind of mixed-use campus. There are buildings that appear to be university-like (above) among others.


57. The same area, but more industrial-looking buildings. / 58. More of the F. L. Smidth campus.


59. New apartment construction happening on previously unoccupied land. This development is fairly close to the S-tog (train) station.


60. A bike tunnel near the Valby Vænge allowing access under one of the main train lines that cuts across Valby.


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