valby phototour 2 of 4

November 11, 2007

This time I started out in the northwest corner of Valby, and worked my way south. I visited three developments of very distinct built character, as well as ‘Gamle Vigerselv,’ which appears to be the historical center of an early town that was later consumed by what is today Valby, and ‘Vigerslev Haveforstad,’ or Vigerselv Garden Suburb. Also observed more rail lines and how they are accessed by area residents.



25. The Ålholm-kvarteret (Ålholm quarter) is characterized by large brick courtyad buildings that take up entire blocks.

26. More of the Ålholm-kvarteret. The masses of the buildings reinforce the street pattern and make for a clear reading of the block structure.


27. Vigerselv Haveforstad, or ‘Vigerselv Garden Suburb.’ This is a neighborhood of small, quaint houses and quiet streets; each house has a yard, and there are few multifamily units in the area.


28. + 29. Houses in Vigerselv Haveforstad.


30. More houses in Vigerselv Haveforstad. This block has a unified appearance.


31. Further south, across the train line, was Det Gamle Vigerslev, or ‘The Old Vigerselv.” This appears to be the nucleus of what was formerly a community in its own right. Small in size and scale and varied in character, it is now surrounded by the comparatively larger and unified housing developments of Valby (see photos 32-37).


32. Streetscape of Det Gamle Vigerslev.


33. A housing development called Store Vigerslevgård, or something like ‘Greater Vigerslev Square’ (my Danish translation skills may be failing me a bit here…I’ll find out more). This neighborhood is essentially a superblock of large, rectangular multifamily units that are joined at the corners to form slightly diagonal rows of buildings.


34. + 35. More of Store Vigerslevgård. Notice how the buildings are connected at the corners (33) to form a solid, but modulated row of buildings and how the rows repeat one another (34) across the superblock.


36. “Rækehusbebeggelsen” is a community of single-story row houses.


37. + 38. One of the many rows in Rækehusbebeggelsen. At the end of each building was a brickwork mosaic of sorts. Each row had a different, but avian, motif.


39. Multifamily housing at the border of Vigerslev Haveforstad, where it borders the rail line.


40. Vigerslevvej, one of the main north-south arterials in Valby.


41. S-tog (train) station at Valby, just east of Vigerslev Haveforstad.


42. A pedestrian bridge over the rail lines, connecting Valby east with Valby west.


43. Looking up the tracks to the north (opposite the train station).


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