goddag, kobenhavn!

June 18, 2007

it’s been one week in copenhagen…


This is gammel dok, once warehouse, now home of the Danish Architecture Center. This is my initial (of one week’s impressions) favorite building in the copenhagen harbor area (if for nothing else, because of the complex window pattern on the harborside facade…what kind of crazy interior/industrial processes could have generated such a facade??). It’s a prime example of the refitting and reuse of old industry warehouses in the copenhagen harbor that are no longer needed for industrial purposes (my advisor here has informed me that an overwhelming number of architecture projects in copenhagen are actually adaptive reuse of industrial buildings, not new construction)…which relates nicely to some of the themes I’ll be focusing on while i’m here: contextual design in “ordinary” environments, adaptation of old buildings to fulfill new functions, and evidence of community or civic values as shown through selective preservation and reuse.


Some more views of gammel dok from across the harbor.